Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd

Chemical Corporation (UK) Ltd is an authorised distributor of Mobil Industrial Lubricants.
We offer complete NSF-H1 registered lubrication solutions in food manufacturing based around Mobil SHC Cibus™ Series high-performance synthetic lubricants partnered with the Tygris Protean Aerosol range.
Our Cibus 20 system encompasses NSF-H1 lubricants, greases aerosols and cleaning products. As part of our Cibus 20 system, we will provide you with a free onsite plant survey and written lubricant service plan for each on-site machine. This is completed by our dedicated lubrication engineer who is qualified in oil analysis.
The Cibus 20 system is an improved and efficient product management and lubricant storage system that reduces the risk of cross contamination or incidental contact on food production lines. Mobil SHC Cibus™ can provide energy saving potential of up to 6% across a wide range of operating temperatures, providing improved equipment protection and reducing downtime of equipment.
Our company website is and you can find out more about our Food Safe lubricant solutions here:

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