Freedom Hygiene

Freedom Hygiene is a technology driven company whose mission is to seek out new technologies to assist businesses achieve the highest standards of hygiene at the lowest possible cost. At Freedom Hygiene we are a team of industry professionals with over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience to offer advanced and innovative solutions to our Food & Beverage Customers.

It has been established that the presence of biofilms in food and beverage processing equipment is the main cause of contamination in the final product.

Freedom Hygiene is the UK’s Master Distributor for Itram’s range of biofilm detection and biofilm remove products based on cutting edge enzyme technology and surfactant chemistry.

ITRAM HIGIENE in conjunction with the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) and a number of technological centres has carried out an extensive research and development project based on the study of biofilms, what they are like and how to remove them. The company is certified to ISO9002 and ISO14000.

BioFinder is an innovative solution for the rapid detection of biofilms on open surfaces and an effective tool for hygiene monitoring.

Our Biofilm Remove range of enzymatic products are specially designed for the elimination and control of biofilms on open surfaces as well as products for use in CIP systems.

Freedom Hygiene can perform a hygiene audit of your factory to establish the presence of biofilm and provide an effective protocol for biofilm removal and on-going preventive treatment.

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