Northern Light Innovation Ltd



NLI formed in 2011, to provide innovation services and training for companies to get ahead and stay ahead. We believe successful innovation happens when we fully connect market insight, product technology and commercial reality.  Clients quickly notice that we start from a different place:

–       We identify and solve the real problems

–       We are insightful and commercial, and connect this with a strong foundation of inventive thinking & IP strategy


Clarifying “Why” is pivotal

An excellent way to unify effort is to define the main critical problem, and align, to solve it. Clarifying the problem is a huge enabler for creative solutions. Commercially it can often take a special event like a market crisis to provide focus and stimulate better questions. But most great inventions are born in an environment of critical purpose.


Making it work practically – we know how

The NLI Specialists Network is a select group of world-class exponents of real innovation. We all have real experience in delivering successful initiatives to market, client-side, with typically 15 – 35 years of first-class hands-on corporate experience.

We use a combination of insights and invention mapping and the incredible array of IP and other knowledge that exists in the world as a springboard to stimulate innovation.


NLI expertise includes food & beverage, beauty care and home care.


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